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Site Waste Clearances & Contaminated Waste Clearances in Kent.

We specialise in removing commercial waste and site clearances. Due to our heavy machinery we are able to remove almost any type of vegetation prior to or after construction.

Removing Trees & Vegetation: Before construction begins a site normally requires clearance from any vegetation which has been allowed to grow. Our team can come and remove trees, shrubs, hedges, bushes, stumps, turf and much more. We have access to heavy machinery which allows us to have the job done quickly and safely saving you time and money removing it yourself.

After Construction Site Clearances: In certain cases you may have the require machinery to remove all vegetation yourselves prior to construction, however taking it away is another matter. We have all the correct machinery and vehicles to remove all green waste from a site. We are full waste carrier licence holders and will try to recycle as much as the waste as possible before correctly disposing of what may remain.

Contaminated Waste: Most waste is normally stacked together therefore becoming contaminated. Waste must be separated before being cleared. For example hardcore shouldn’t be mixed with soil, once they become contaminated there is no future use and therefore can’t be recycled. You can still dispose of it but at a greater cost, however when it becomes mixed with green waste it must be separated before being disposed. It can take all day if not multiple days to separate a few tonnes of waste, it’s also labour intensive. We have the all the correct machinery to separate the waste within hours thus saving you time, effort and money. We understand how the waste should be grouped leading to an easy clearance.

We carry out site clearances all over Kent, including Maidstone and Medway. We have separate plenty of site clearances in the past, each timesaving our customer money and valuable time. For a free quotation on-site clearances and separating contaminated waste please call us on: 01622 297131 or 07505 134004.

Commercial Site Waste Clearances in Kent