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Stumps tend to be left in the ground after a removal or fallen tree, they become a breeding ground for pests and insects and can look unsightly. Grinding the stump down and having the roots professional removed is the best process to clear any stumps you may have.

We have all the correct equipment to grind down and remove any stumps from your garden. With stump removal there is a few techniques in removing the stump and/or roots, the technique really depends on the size of the stump. Smaller stumps can sometimes be removed with a winch, we attached the winch to the stump and apply pressure, the stump should then slowly start to come out. Once the stump is out we can then dig out any roots that remain. More stubborn or larger stumps would need grinding down. We would grind the stump down to a certain level and then attempt to remove any remaining roots. Some roots can be left in the ground and will over time die off.

Grinding down a stump will leave excess sawdust that can be used to fill the hole, used as mulch & compost around the garden or we can easily take it with us and recycle it.

The machinery required for stump grinding and stump removal should only be operated by a trained and insured specialists. All of our tree surgeons are trained, experienced and insured to use the relevant equipment to remove your stump(s).

There are many reasons to remove a stump; they can be a trip hazard for children and even adults in the garden, they attract insects and other pests which can successfully nest in the exposed core of your rotting stump, they don’t look aesthetically pleasing, the tree isn’t going to grow back and the stump will only become rotten as time goes on. In some circumstance it can lead to extra growth around the roots, which will lead to smaller trees growing around the stump. This can seriously harm plants, hedges, shrubs and other trees nearby.

We cover all of Maidstone, Kings Hill, West Malling, Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester and Strood for our stump grinding and stump removal service. We are fully insured and all tree surgeons are fully qualified and experienced. We offer free quotes, so arrange yours today by calling us on 01622 297131 or 07505 134004.

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