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We Can Trim Back or Completely Remove All Types of Hedges

Hedges provide an aesthetically pleasing perimeter around a home, however with sudden changes in weather they can grow to an unmanageable state. Hedges don’t only grow in height they also go in width meaning they can demand a large area throughout your garden. The best way to control this is through regular hedge trimming, we would recommend roughly once a season, so four times a year.

Understanding of the hedge in question plays a pivotal part in the trimming or removal process. You can’t just go hacking at a hedge, so therefore a professional is required. A professional who understands the hedge type and the way it grows, a professional that provides a trimming and pruning service that will ensure your hedge’s health doesn’t become compromised. Certain hedges require certain techniques, by employing someone who doesn’t understand your hedge can lead to extreme damage or death to the hedge.

We will understand your hedge and find the correct technique to bring it into a manageable state. We have all relevant equipment required to carry out a professional hedge trimming and hedge pruning service. All our tree surgeons are NTPC qualified and are CSCS cardholders.

We also offer a professional hedge removal service which includes removing sections from your hedge or completely removing your hedge altogether. Once we have successfully removed your hedge and its stumps we will then remove any waste left over. We will try to recycle as must waste as we possibly can.

We are waste license carriers so you know it’s safe to let us remove any waste once the job is completed.

We are fully insured and qualified to work on your hedge. We provide free quotations and cover all Maidstone, West Malling, Kings Hills, Gillingham, Rochester, Chatham and Strood for hedge trimming and hedge removal. Call us today to arrange your free quote on: 01622 297131 or 07505 134004.

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