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We work with local authorities, councils and land owners to provide a professional tree planting service. We can also plant trees in your own domestic property.

Preparation is key to ensuring the life span of any tree, if the ground isn’t correct to support the roots then the tree may fail to grasp to it’s surroundings. You must also take into consideration any future plans for the area around the tree you wish to plant. Future plans for construction or planting of other vegetation needs to be seriously reconsidered when planting any type of tree.

Once you’ve select the areas for the new tree(s) we can then look at the type of trees you wish to plant, we have a fantastic understanding of almost any tree available in the UK so we can help you determine the best tree type for your project.

Once the preparation and decision making is out of the way we will work to carefully and correctly plant the trees in your desired location. We can provide you professional advice on the maintenance and up keep on your new trees including advice on heath and growth.

We have planted trees all over Kent if you require a quote on our tree planting services please call us on: 01622 297131 or 07505 1340

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