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Tree Crowning & Reductions Before & After

Looking For A Slight or Dramatic Reduction To Your Trees? Our Professional Crowning Service Will Help You.

Crowning can help shape and provide needed reductions to your tree. Trees can become easily overgrown which can provide a range of issues. Different types of crowning will provide a range of reductions on different areas within the tree.

Crown Thinning: is removal of smaller branches found on the outer areas of the tree. Crown thinning will not necessarily reduce the height, size or shape of the tree. It will thin out the crown of the tree which will reduce wind resistance and therefore limit damage in bad weather, allow more light to pass through and reduce overall weight of the tree. Crown Thinning is not something that is required on a regular basis.

Crown Lifting: Is removal of branches around the lower part of the tree which will then lift your tree’s crown. As with all tree surgery, crown lifting requires an experienced specialist as removal of large branches at the lower part of your tree can cause superficial damage and lead to decaying. Older trees also require special treatment when it comes to crown lifting so good understanding of the tree in question plays a pivotal role in the difference of a good and bad job. Crown Lifting will allow more light to pass under the tree thus allowing more access to sunlight. It is also perfect if you wish to place a structure of some sort under the tree or require access and the crown is currently too low.

Crown Reduction: provides a suitable solution to reduce the overall size and shape of the crown on your tree. Crown reduction will provide more light, reduce the size of the tree, reduce the weight of the tree and relieve stress on weakening or struggling branches. Your crown’s structure should roughly look the same once crown reduction is carried out however the outline of the crown will be reduced. Some species of trees aren’t suitable for crown reduction and so having the opinion and the work carried out by a specialist is paramount.

The health of your tree lies heavily in the experience of the tree surgeon you employ. All of our tree surgeons who work on tree crowning and reductions have many years experience, are highly trained, fully insured and qualified to carry out any crowning procedure. We are established and professional tree surgeons who take great care and consideration in all areas of our work. We use all the correct safety equipment and procedures to provide a professional, safe and successful service.

We cover all Maidstone, West Malling, Kings Hill, Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester and Strood for our tree crowning and tree reduction services. Why not arrange a free tree crowning or tree reduction quote today by calling us on: 01622 297131 or 07505 134004.

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