Site Clearance in Medway

How Tree Stump Removal & Tree Surgery Services Improve Aesthetics

Are you looking to improve the aesthetics of an outside space in Medway? Be it a domestic garden or a public area, our tree surgeons undertake a range of services that improve the visual appeal of any setting. What’s more, our tree surgery also enhances access and functionality while promoting ongoing healthy growth. Be it crown work, stump grinding, complete tree stump removal or a site clearance, we either define the look of your transformed space or prepare it for the project to follow.

Below, we have taken a closer look at how our tree surgeons do this. Whether you want a healthier, more appealing garden, or you need to create the perfect foundation for a landscaping or construction project, you can rely on WM Tree Services to deliver.

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How Our Tree Surgery Improves Aesthetics

Tree Stump Removal

With the latest in heavy-duty stump grinding machinery, we remove ugly, dangerous stumps of any size. This includes the removal of stumps as part of a site clearance project. These lingering features are eyesores that blot otherwise well-maintained, carefully planned spaces.

In addition to being a hidden trip hazard that can cause serious injury, tree stumps attract fungus and bacteria as they decompose. Some of these, especially honey fungus, can spread to neighbouring healthy plants.

Our tree surgeons can perform a complete tree stump removal, including the roots, or simply grind your stump down below the soil line. As a bespoke tree surgery service, we work in line with your requirements.

Tree Felling

Much like stump grinding, felling removes damaged or diseased trees that not only pose a risk to safety, but also look terrible. Of course, if you have a tree on the brink of collapse in the Medway area, the priority is always safety. However, there’s no denying that the felling of an old or diseased tree removes an obvious eyesore.

Our tree surgeons excel at both sectional dismantling and directional felling. Whether you’re in an urban or rural location, you can rely on us for fast, effective and safe tree surgery services.

We can also undertake tree felling of any kind (as well as the subsequent tree stump removal) as part of a commercial site clearance.

Crown Work

Tree surgery services like crown reduction, thinning and lifting help to maintain a tree’s neat, healthy appearance. Naturally, if your space in Medway has multiple trees with cared-for crowns, they will help to build a much more visually pleasing aesthetic.

This is because thinned and reduced crowns allow for more light transmission through the tree. Crown lifting also improves access in the surrounding areas. It goes without saying, increased natural light lifts the appeal of any outside space.

What’s more, this additional light encourages further plant growth in the areas around the tree. This creates an even more vibrant space with a diverse range of species.

Do you need crown work, stump grinding, tree stump removal or a site clearance in the Medway area? Look no further than our NPTC- and Lantra-certified tree surgeons.

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