Site Clearance

in Maidstone, Medway & the Wider Kent Area

Do you need to clear a site ahead of a landscaping or construction project? No matter the size of your space, or the type of vegetation growing on it, WM Tree Services provides a comprehensive site clearance service. As tree surgeons, we have a range of heavy-duty machinery capable of removing practically all vegetation types, be it prior to or after construction. Our company uses over 20 years of experience to complete your project quickly while minimising cost, noise and programme length.

Based in Maidstone, WM Tree Services clears commercial sites in Chatham, Gillingham, Medway, Rainham, Rochester and all surrounding Kent areas. We maximise efficiency while upholding full compliance with all relevant HSE and environmental legislation. Our tree surgeons combine decisive project management, the latest machinery and modern forestry techniques to ensure we complete your site clearance on time and within budget.

For example, our team holds vast experience in the use of large whole-tree chippers, forestry mulchers and other mechanised clearance methods. This not only results in safer clearances with faster turnaround times, it also means our operatives spend less time using to vibrating hand tools too.

This efficiency is especially important during site clearances as our work often represents the first phase of many more to follow.

WM Tree Services also produces detailed RAMS (risk assessment method statement) to the high standards needed for large commercial operations.





Site Clearance | What We Remove

Trees and Vegetation

Before your landscaping or construction project begins, you will likely need to clear the site of vegetation growing on it. As NPTC- and Lantra-certified tree surgeons, we draw up a bespoke clearance programme tailored to your site, be it in Maidstone, Medway or the neighbouring Kent areas.

Our company formulates detailed removal plans for each individual tree. We apply the same meticulous attention to detail to hedges, shrubs, bushes, scrub, timber, tree stumps, turf and more. This approach ensures that our access routes, felling procedures and all project-specific tasks adhere to the necessary regulations.

From tree removal to stump grinding and everything in between, we deliver full site clearances with a rapid turnaround. This not only saves you money, it frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your project too.

After-construction Clearances

You may already have the required machinery to remove the vegetation growing on your site in Maidstone, Medway or the wider Kent area. However, transporting it away is usually another matter. At WM Tree Services, we have all the necessary machinery and vehicles needed to remove green waste from your premises.

Like any reputable tree surgeons, we hold a Waste Carrier License issued by the Environment Agency. We strive to recycle as much waste generated by your site clearance as possible. We then dispose of what remains in an ethical, responsible way.

Contaminated Waste

Despite good intentions, you may accidentally stack all your waste together. Unfortunately, this results in contamination. If this occurs, you cannot clear the contaminated waste until it has undergone separation.

For example, you must not mix soil and hardcore. If this happens, the mix has no future use, and we cannot send it for recycling. You can still dispose of it, but it costs significantly more to do so.

Contamination involving green waste, however, requires the separation of materials before disposal. This is a labour-intensive task. It can take a full working day, if not more, to separate a few tonnes of contaminated waste.

At WM Tree Services, our Maidstone-based tree surgeons use specialist machinery designed to separate contaminated waste within hours. With a budget and timescale to meet, we can save you time, money and manpower. With an understanding of how waste grouping works, we lay the foundations for fast, simple site clearances in Medway and Kent.

Call 01622 297 131 or 07505 134 004 to talk over for your own site clearance in Maidstone, Medway or the surrounding areas. We provide free, no-obligation quotations.