Stump Grinding

in Medway, Maidstone & the Surrounding Areas | Complete Tree Stump Removal

Do you have an unsightly tree stump on your property? Whether it’s a private garden in Maidstone or on public land in Medway, we strongly advise removing these growths without delay. Stump grinding is a separate service from tree felling. As such, it’s common for property owners to hire tree surgeons to fell the tree, but leave the stump for a later date. However, tree stumps are a breeding ground for insects and pests. They are prone to harmful fungi and represent a hard-to-spot trip hazard.

WM Tree Services carries out professional tree stump removal. With various stump grinding machines to choose from, we can gain access to sites of every kind, including through residential garden gates. The machines themselves remove stumps of any size in line with your exact specification.

For example, you may want our tree surgeons to grind the stump to a safe distance below the soil line. This removes it from sight where the remnants will slowly rot away over the years. Alternatively, if you want to repurpose a space for a landscaping or building project, we can remove the stump and roots entirely.

In addition to grinding, we also perform tree stump removal with a winch. This is only applicable for smaller stumps. Once removed, we then dig out the remaining roots.

If you’ve got a stump you would like our tree surgeons to remove, be it in Maidstone, Medway or the neighbouring Kent areas, please contact us.

Why Carry Out Stump Grinding?

There are numerous reasons why you should undertake timely tree stump removal on your property. These include:

  • Aesthetics – Tree stumps are ugly features that ruin the aesthetics of any environment. Even if you put hours of planning and maintenance into creating a beautiful garden, a tree stump will always catch the eye of visitors.
  • Safety – As a low-level trip-and-fall hazard, tree stumps are dangerous even for people who know the land well, let alone those that don’t. When performed by our tree surgeons, stump grinding ensures people won’t trip and injure themselves on your property.
  • Garden Health – Rotting stumps attract an array of harmful fungi and bacteria, including honey fungus. These can pose a risk to children, pets and otherwise healthy plants nearby. Fresh stumps are also at greater risk of suckering. This process involves new tree growths around the roots.
  • Pests – All manner of insects and pests see the exposed core of a rotting tree stump as the perfect place to nest. This can make your garden in Maidstone, Medway or the surrounding areas an unpleasant place to spend time. These bugs could then make regular appearances inside your home or workplace too.

Tree Stump Removal | What to Expect

Stump grinding machines come equipped with a rotating disc known as a cutter head. This disc has sharp, off-set teeth. When we place the machine over your stump and engage it, the disc rotates at high speeds. The teeth then grind away at the stump, reducing it to sawdust and small wooden chips.

These machines operate with a significant amount of power. It’s vital, then, to leave tree stump removal work in experienced, qualified hands. This not only results in a much faster and efficient service, but a safe one too.

Like any reputable tree surgeons, we hold qualifications from Lantra, NPTC and City & Guilds. You can rest assured, WM Tree Services strictly complies with all relevant safety standards.

The physical stump grinding process generates a significant amount of sawdust and chippings. With your approval, we can use this material to backfill the hole where the stump stood. This puts valuable nutrients back into your soil. If you have other plans for this space, however, we happily remove this waste from your site and recycle it.

For your peace of mind, WM Tree Services holds the relevant insurance coverage for all tree stump removal work in Maidstone, Medway and the surrounding Kent areas.

Our company provides many other services, including hedge cutting and tree planting.

Call 01622 297 131 or 07505 134 004 to discuss options for your own tree stump removal. We perform stump grinding in Maidstone, Medway and the neighbouring areas.