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Do you have a damaged tree on your land that you want to remove before it falls? Or is a nearby tree compromising the safety and structural integrity of your property? There are numerous reasons why you may want to fell a tree. At WM Tree Services, our Lantra- and NPTC-certified tree surgeons have the experience and expertise to safely fell trees of any size in urban and rural settings. For your peace of mind, we hold the necessary insurance for all our tree surgery services.

Operating out of Maidstone, our company fells dangerous and problematic trees in the neighbouring Kent areas. We have established clients in Chatham, Gillingham, Medway, Rainham, Rochester and throughout the county. WM Tree Services has long been the trusted choice for private homeowners, businesses, agriculturalists as well as local councils and authorities.

As with all forms of tree surgery, felling a tree holds inherent risk. If performed incorrectly, a falling tree poses a considerable hazard to nearby properties, not to mention the health and wellbeing of anyone in the vicinity.

Our tree surgeons excel at all forms of felling:

Please note, before we commit to cutting down a tree, we must check to see if it has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Unless we have the written consent of the local planning authority, we cannot fell a protected tree.

If the tree you want to fell in Maidstone, Medway or the wider Kent area has a TPO, we can liaise with the local authority on your behalf.

An Introduction to Tree Felling Services

We must consider several factors before felling a tree. First, we determine why you want to fell it.

For example, was it damaged in a storm? Is it diseased and weakening? Is it dead?

Every scenario can lead to a different felling technique. The same is true for the available space around your tree, as well as its size.

With a full understanding of your situation, we find the perfect tree surgery solution.

Directional Felling

During this process, our tree surgeons fell your entire tree in a specific, meticulously planned direction. We only undertake directional felling if we can guarantee the safety of nearby properties, their occupants and the general public. As such, we may need to manage access points around public spaces in Maidstone, Medway or the surrounding areas during your felling service.

When performing this tree surgery work, we use tried-and-trusted methods: the directional notch and the felling cut.

Each tree has its own unique qualities, so the specifics of this approach will vary from one job to the next. Put simply, however, the directional notch dictates which direction the tree falls in. The felling cut, on the opposite side of the tree, creates a hinge that safely guides the tree down to the ground.

Sectional Dismantling

Of course, not all trees grow in wide open spaces. In more built-up parts of Maidstone, Medway and the neighbouring areas, buildings and transport infrastructure surround trees. This makes safe directional felling impossible.

In these environments, our tree surgeons carry out sectional dismantling. During this tree surgery process, members of our team climb up into the tree using all necessary safety equipment. We then go about dismantling the tree, removing segments, limbs and branches from the top down.

Using specially designed rigging equipment, we lower each section of the tree to the ground with safe, controlled descent. If your tree doesn’t have enough strength to support climbing, we can use a mobile elevated work platform. This ensures we still have complete access to the crown.

Mechanical Dismantling

Our tree surgeons are also adept at dismantling trees mechanically. By using grapple saws and cranes, we remove climbers from work-at-height situations. This allows our team to stay safely on the ground while the machinery does the work. The mechanical approach not only increases safety on certain kinds of jobs, but also improves efficiency.

Where needed, we can combine this technique with elements of directional felling and sectional dismantling. By tailoring a service to suit your needs, we draw up the safest, most efficient tree felling solution possible.

As with sectional dismantling, we use rigging equipment to safely lower branches and logs to the ground in a controlled manner.

No matter which tree felling service you require, you can rest assured; we supply our tree surgeons with equipment that complies to all current safety standards. This includes gloves, eye protection, safety helmets, ropes and harnesses.

WM Tree Services maintains all relevant equipment in the correct manner. This includes LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) certification. LOLER regulations make the use of lifting equipment, and all lifting operations, as safe as possible. They provide guidelines for choosing strong and stable equipment, positioning it in a safe location as well as imposing a system of regular inspections and routine maintenance.

LOLER regulations are essential to safe tree surgery work. For example, if a company uses a lowering rope that hasn’t been certified for 12 months, and it snaps, the insurance provider likely won’t pay out. Unfortunately, very few companies stay on top of LOLER certification, making their insurance essentially worthless.

From Maidstone to Medway, WM Tree Services also undertakes commercial site clearances in Kent.

Call 01622 297 131 or 07505 134 004 to discuss your own tree felling in Maidstone, Medway or the surrounding areas. As tree surgery specialists, we can adapt to any requirement.