Tree Surgery

in Medway, Maidstone & the Wider Kent Area

Have trees on your land become overgrown and ragged? Or has their growth reduced access in the spaces around them? At WM Tree Services, our tree surgery balances your needs without compromising environmental health. Our Lantra- and NPTC-certified tree surgeons have a deep knowledge of tree species that grow in the UK. As such, we can prune, shape and reduce them in a way that promotes continued healthy growth for many years to come.

Based in Maidstone, WM Tree Services covers locations in all surrounding Kent areas. We undertake work in Chatham, Gillingham, Medway, Rainham, Rochester and throughout the county. With a client list that includes private homeowners, local councils and authorities, businesses and agriculturalists, our company can meet any need in every sector.

Our tree surgeons share over 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured that we work in a safe, controlled manner. We provide tree surgery services built on a solid, time-served foundation which includes:

your guide to our tree surgery services

Crown Thinning

When performing this service in Maidstone, Medway or the neighbouring areas, our tree surgeons remove smaller branches around the outer crown. This primarily involves the removal of secondary and crossing branches. Crown thinning doesn’t necessarily reduce your tree’s height, shape or size. Rather, it eases the crown’s density.

This has two primary benefits. First, thinning the crown reduces wind resistance. In turn, this limits damage to the tree during bad weather. Second, a thinned crown also allows more light to pass through it. This aids vegetation and plant growth in the areas around your tree.

You don’t need to carry out this service on a regular basis.

Crown Lifting

For this service, our tree surgeons remove specified branches around the lower crown. We pay special attention to those limiting or blocking access to people and vehicles. By removing these low branches, we effectively ‘lift’ the crown into a higher, tidier position.

As with all tree surgery, this process needs an experienced specialist. Accidental removal of larger branches in the lower crown can superficially damage your tree. This can also lead to decaying.

Older trees in Maidstone, Medway and across Kent require special treatment during a crown lifting. It’s vital that your tree surgeon has knowledge and understanding of the tree at hand. This expertise often makes all the difference between successful and unsuccessful results.

A lifted crown allows more sunlight to reach the areas around the tree. It’s also a great way to make space if you want to place a structure near or under it.

Crown Reduction

As the name suggests, this tree surgery service reduces the overall shape and size of your tree’s crown. This not only allows more light to reach the areas underneath, it reduces the total size and weight of the crown too. In turn, this relieves stress on struggling or weakening branches.

During the reduction process, our tree surgeons usually remove limbs and branches in the upper crown. When complete, your crown’s structure will look more or less the same as before, but it will have a noticeably reduced outline for improved aesthetics.

Some tree species aren’t suitable for crown reduction. It’s vital that you seek the opinion and services of an experienced, qualified specialist. The ongoing health of your tree depends on the professional you employ.


This process involves carefully pruning shrubs and trees to keep them smaller than they would naturally grow. Our tree surgeons prune main branch systems, reducing them to short stubs. This encourages vigorous regrowth from reduced branches.

We start pollarding when your tree reaches a desired height, and then carry out the service on an annual basis to keep it there. As such, this tree surgery service is a key element of managing mature trees in urban parts of Maidstone, Medway and Kent.

Pollarding prevents shrubs and trees from outgrowing their allotted space. In turn, this reduces the shade a tree casts and prevents it from interfering with electrical wires and obstructing streetlights.


Coppicing is a time-served form of woodland management. It involves repeatedly felling trees at the base before letting them regrow from the same stump. This helps to provide a sustainable, regular supply of timber.

When our tree surgeons fell a tree close to ground level, shoots will soon regrow from the remaining stump. Because of the developed root system already in place, this regrowth is much quicker than replanting. It’s also less susceptible to shading and browsing.

Coppicing is also a popular approach to conservation that benefits the tree itself and local wildlife. Trees naturally shed branches to extend their lifespan, and coppicing is a great way to simulate this. The process also promotes woodland biodiversity as it allows more light to reach the ground.

At WM Tree Services, we take pride in our reputation for first-class tree surgery work in Kent, from Maidstone to Medway. In addition to the above, we also provide tree felling and stump grinding services.

Call 01622 297 131 or 07505 134 004 to talk over options for your own tree surgery needs. Based in Maidstone, we cover locations in Medway and Kent.